I will be responsible to God through the creative use of all my income and possessions.

Why I Give

I choose to give to Oakhurst because it is part of the covenant that I have with my brothers and sisters in this place. The love and acceptance my family has felt is beyond words. I want to support this community so others can benefit from the outpouring of love.

In the past, I would not give consistently because I would forget my checkbook, or not be at church. I now give electronically through Bill Pay from my checking account. My monthly contribution is sent automatically, and I don't have to think about it. I love it. Please consider this as an option to keep up your giving to the wonderful place we call Oakhurst Baptist Church. Remember, sending directly from your bank account is a better way to give than through the new on-line giving from the website.

- Michele LaFon

By giving online you can give one time donations to specific causes or ministries, setup recurring monthly donations, and view a detailed history at any point you desire. All of your information is held strictly confidential. Even though you will have the opportunity to log in and print transaction histories at any point you prefer, our system is linked with our accounting so you will still get an end of year letter with your giving history. Online giving is available through OakhurstAccess. Please use the link below. If you have questions, or if you have problems logging on, please contact Leslie Withers in the church office. Oakhurst Access Portal