Oakhurst Welcomes Rev. Brady Radford on Sunday, Aug 30

Oakhurst Welcomes Rev. Brady Radford on Sunday, Aug 30

Sunday, August 30, our guest preacher will be the Rev. Brady Radford, associate pastor at neighboring Oakhurst Presbyterian Church  Those of you who were at the Memorial Service for Black Lives at OBC, or the prayer vigil for victims of the Charleston shootings, or regular community meetings of Create Community 4 Decatur have met Pastor Brady, the dynamic young preacher who is one of the main organizers of Black Lives Matter efforts in Decatur.

Following the worship service, Pastor Brady will join us in Fellowship Hall for lunch and an update of Create Community 4 Decatur and related activities, and discussion of how we engage this work at OBC. Racism is not simply one issue among many, but "America's original sin." As followers of Jesus, we are called to repent, reflect and respond. We will consider whether it is Good News to sound a call for a Mission Group focused on racism this fall.

Create Community 4 Decatur: Black Lives Matter seeks to address racial injustice as it manifests itself in the criminal justice system, in our neighborhoods and churches, and in our schools. The problem is not simply overt prejudice or bigotry but a systematic racism deeply rooted in our history, our culture and our institution  s.

​Join us on Sunday, August 30, as we listen and learn together. Plan to bring a brown bag lunch and stay for discussion after worship.



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