Former Decatur Mayor Emerita Elizabeth Wilson Joins Us Wednesday

Former Decatur Mayor Emerita Elizabeth Wilson Joins Us Wednesday

Gather with us at our Weekly Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 6:30 pm as we welcome former Decatur Mayor Emerita Elizabeth Wilson. Wilson served as mayor from 1993-1998. She is still a civil rights activist in Decatur and has been a leader in community service as well as a long-time member of neighboring Oakhurst Presbyterian Church. Come hear about her journey and her concerns about our community today.

Mayor Wilson founded the Oakhurst Community Health Center in South Decatur and also served as Executive Director. In 1984 Ms. Wilson became the first African-American to serve on the Decatur City Commission and in 1992 was elected by the commission as Mayor Pro-Tem; in 1993 she became Mayor, serving until 1998.

About Voices from the Edge:
Cutting Edge. Leading Edge. Marginal Edge. Bleeding Edge. 
This Lenten season, as God calls us to journey more deeply into ourselves and into God’s world, we will listen for Voices from the Edge. These are the voices that we sometimes ignore, or do not pause long enough to hear.  Sometimes we miss hearing them because they are so far ahead of us; sometimes because they are different from us; and sometimes because what they are calling us to might require more courage than we feel we can muster.  


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