Stories and Songs from the Cuba Mission Group

Hear members from our Cuba Mission Group talk about their trip to the island country this past January where they helped the town of Perico build a library. Music and celebration is included!

Scripture by Becky Drysdale, 1 Samuel 15:22
Story by Dee Ann Dozier
"Espiritu de Dios" performed by the OBC Cuban All-Star Jam Band
Scripture by Becky Drysdale, Luke 3:11
Story by Cindy Clark
Story by Howard Prunty
Invitation: Pastor Melanie Vaughn-West
"Pues Si Vivimos" performed by the OBC Cuban All-Star Jam Band
Benediction: Francisco "Paco" Rodes

Sunday, March 13, 2016

About Voices from the Edge:
Cutting Edge. Leading Edge. Marginal Edge. Bleeding Edge. 
This Lenten season, as God calls us to journey more deeply into ourselves and into God’s world, we will listen for Voices from the Edge. These are the voices that we sometimes ignore, or do not pause long enough to hear.  Sometimes we miss hearing them because they are so far ahead of us; sometimes because they are different from us; and sometimes because what they are calling us to might require more courage than we feel we can muster.  


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