Marriage Equality Mission Group

On June 2, 2013, a sounding of the call was made for marriage equality following a special service celebrating love and relationships, particularly same-sex couples. About 25-plus people responded positively. In that June the Marriage Equality Mission Group began with a storyboarding session and potluck lunch on the back porch of Frank Maddox home.   

Over the past year and half the ME Mission Group have organized special events such as Marriage Equality: A Legal Brief with Barbara Katz, Esq., a family law and LGBTQ specialist (October 13) and then later a presentation from Dr. Cody Sanders on his book, Queer Lessons for the Church on the Straight and Narrow.  

We have volunteered with the Rainbow Fellowship on the OBC float and presence for the Pride Parade. We have represented Oakhurst at the Interfaith Celebration of Love at the Central Unitarian Universal Church of Atlanta where 27 same sex couples were blessed.  

We rallied with Georgia Equality for ME on the steps of the City Hall of Atlanta to ask the Attorney General of Georgia Sam Olens to drop the legal defense of the constitutional ban on same sex marriage. We have collaborated with other faith communities to raise awareness for ME such as Bet Haverim and Oakhurst Presbyterian.

Marriage Equality Mission Group affirms the rights of all who desire to be married in holy wedlock. We want same sex marriage to be recognized by our society as legal marriage, with all the rights and privileges that are available under the law.  Everyone includes everyone. MEMG works to engage in worship, celebration, action, and education for marriage equality. Join us in creating ways to celebrate, honor and deepen all loving relationships.  

Wonderful and much longed for is the sweet smell of love. On earth it sows the seeds of piety and in heaven it gathers the sheaves of justice.

From a Tenth Century Greek wedding: Office of the same sex union. An appendix in John Boswell, Same Sex Unions In Premodern Europe. Villard Books, New York, 1994.