All-Church Retreat

August 23-25, 2019

            Our All-Church Retreat is Friday, August 23 through Sunday, August 25 at the Hinton Rural Life Center in Hayesville, North Carolina.  This is a wonderful time of fellowship, learning, singing, making s’mores, worshipping, and relaxing together.  This year’s theme is:

Patchwork Jesus:  Telling our Stories into Light

            In the first verses of John 1, John speaks of Jesus as the Word, but what does that Word look like in the context of today? What stories do our own lives tell that knit into the Jesus narrative, creating larger words of grace, love, and light? How can awareness and intentionality help us to see that the vulnerability of our words and stories brings power and existence to God’s light in this world?

            Through shared experiences, creative exploration, and a movement towards peace, justice, and love, we will spend a weekend unpacking the words and stories that we carry and hopefully, along the way, lean further into authentic community with one another.

            Our retreat leaders are Rev. Josh Brewer and Nicki Brewer.  They are currently living in Savannah, GA where Josh serves as the Assistant Minister of Community Missions at First Baptist Church, Savannah.  He graduated from Baylor with an M.Div. in World Missions and is passionate about music, movies, podcasts, and helping others find their voice and their own story within the Jesus narrative.  Nicki is a veteran English teacher, a former church Youth and Education Director at a Methodist church, and longtime lay leader.

To Register:

You can register by going to the Member Portal on the website, logging in to Member Resources, clicking “Available Registrations” under “I Want to View…,” and the clicking the All-Church Retreat.  If you have any questions about registration please contact Ash in the office at or 404-378-3677 ext. 223.