Youth and Kids Camp this Summer!

Baptist Youth Camp (BYC) for Youth (completed grades 6-12):

Dates:      June 30-July 5

Where:   Laurel Ridge Retreat Center in Laurel Ridge, NC

Baptist Youth Camp (BYC) has been a rite of passage for our youth for many years.  It is planned by leaders from the churches who attend and the curriculum runs on a 7-year cycle.  This year, we are focusing on Exodus and how we participate in the in the idea of liberation.  What part do we play?  Are we justice players, oppressors, oppressed?  Do our roles change depending on our situation?

Camp activities include bible study, worship, fun parties, recreation, deep conversations, and fellowship with youth from many different churches.

PassportKids for Children (completed grades 3-5):

Dates: July 25-28

Where: Converse College in Spartanburg, SC

This is a 4-day, 3-night camp that is focused on the theme of Fearless…in a world that seems to be telling us to fear more and love others less, Jesus calls us to an alternative way of living  When we are fearless, we can love more and fear less.  Camp activities include bible studies, worship, fun parties, recreation, a missional focus on Refuge and Hope International in Kampala, and fellowship with children from many different churches.

Please talk to Lauren if you have questions.