February 28, 2021 – Second Sunday of Lent

Sometimes you have to say No to say Yes.

No to preconceptions about what your life is supposed to be.

No to definitions and expectations foisted upon you.

No to any number of possibly very good things you could be doing, so that you can say Yes.

Yes to the work that is authentically yours to do.

Yes to the person God is calling you to be.

When Jesus was confronted in the wilderness with temptations and pestered all through his life by the expectations of others, even his friends, he had to say No, in order to say Yes to his authentic ministry. When their preconceptions were challenged with the vision of a future that they had thought impossible, Abraham and Sarah had to say No, in order to say Yes to the purpose God had in mind for them. Listen as Karen Bryant Shipp reflects on saying No to say Yes!