The Turning Point

In the 1960’s when the Oakhurst community in Decatur began to change racially Walker Knight sensed that the 1500-member Oakhurst Baptist Church would face dramatic decisions, so he began to take notes for a possible book. Consequently, he wrote Struggle for Integrity, published by Word Inc. It became the most important book of his journalistic career, read by hundreds and taught in seminaries.

The decisions made during the changes would be important for a wide audience in the following years, especially important today, almost 50 years later, dramatically illustrated at Charlottesville, on football fields, and with the resurgence of the white supremacy movement.

Third Avenue Films has captured in dramatic video form the changes and decisions that touched Atlanta, Decatur, and Oakhurst in a 23-minute film titled The Turning Point. The documentary artfully relates the story that continues to touch our lives.

Oakhurst Baptist Church Is Up To Something

What on earth is Oakhurst Baptist Church up to? WOAK-TV investigates the infamous church’s Cuban connection.

Forty-Five Days: A Story of Redemption

The story of Mosie Harriell, a.k.a. Charles Harris.

Stories of Covenant and Inclusion

This segment of the documentary part II is the continuation of the History of Oakhurst Part I: Climbing the Covenant Stone that was produced by Walker Knight several years ago and covered the period from the founding of the church in 1913 through the early 1970’s.

Climbing the Covenant Stone