Social Justice and Engagement

International Partnerships

  • Bread for the World
  • Cuba Partnership Mission Group
    • Since 2005, Oakhurst has partnered with the Bethania Baptist Church in Perico, Cuba, and with its pastors, Olga Rodriguez and her daughter, Haydee.  Our yearly visits to the island are for fellowship, education, inspiration, enlightenment, and encouragement—all of which flows both ways across the narrow stretch of water that separates our two countries.
  • Kevin and Karen Thomas Smith in Morocco
  • Mount Galilee Baptist Church in Liberia

Local Partnerships

Social Justice Events and Community Engagement

  • AIDS Walk
  • Atlanta Pride Parade
  • Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Build
    • Oakhurst has participated in at least 7 interfaith builds that join together Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist congregations to sponsor a home.  We work on Sundays and generally have about 10 volunteers over the 8 weeks it takes to build each house.
  • Hunger Walk
  • Immigrant Advocacy and Assistance
    • Atlanta Transit Angels
    • El Refugio
    • Team Brownsville
  • Oakhurst Porchfest
  • Racial Justice Mission Group
  • Refugee Resettlement Mission Group
  • Spiritual Growth Mission Group