Adult Education

Most adult education classes take place on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:45 a.m. Classes are divided by topic of interest and anyone is welcome to attend. All offer opportunities for open discussion, questions, dialogue, and fellowship. If you have questions about adult education, please contact Lauren Colwell.


  • All Right Class

    This class is geared to the developmentally disabled adults who live in the Hess Drive Home, but is open to everyone. They use the special education curriculum from Lifeway Resources. Retreats focusing on special issues are offered periodically. They meet in Room 310 on the third floor of the education building.

  • Awakening to the Divine Class

    This class explores how we have awakened or are awakening to God in our spiritual journeys through art, poetry, and other means of expression. The class functions through shared leadership and meets in room 306 on the third floor of the education building.

  • Common Grounds Class

    This is a group of folks who meet in the Fellowship Hall to catch up with one another over coffee and pastries. You can stop by on your way to another class, or stay and chat.

  • Mid-Morning Prayers

    This class is inspired by the ancient tradition of the Divine Office or Praying the Hours by praying the Mid-Morning prayer from a prayer book on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in Room 308. They also practice Lectio Divina, another ancient tradition of reading scripture and listening to how it might speak to one in the moment.

  • MOYOs (Mothers of Young Ones) Class

    This class is designed for mothers of small children who meet to provide one another support through discussion, dialogue, and prayer. They meet in the Parlor on the second floor of the education building.

  • Patchwork Class

    This class loves deep discussion and dialogue. The class chooses topics from various sources including the bible, fiction books, nonfiction book, and other sources. They alternate sources regularly. The class meets in the Chapel on the third floor of the education building.