One Library at a Time Video

Produced by Wayne Grinstead

Wayne Grinstead has recently completed production of a video for One Library at a Time entitled “Leer es Crecer” (To Read Is to Grow).  The video highlights the work of One Library at a Time, Oakhurst members and friends, and many of our Cuban partners and friends in helping provide reading materials to the people of Cuba.  The narrator is Tom Knight, Walker Knights’s grandson and an Emmy Award winning voice talent.

The video includes quotes from Haydee Rodriguez, Pastor of our sister church in Perico, Cuba, and Dorilin, who was pastor of the William Carey Baptist Church before her passing in the fall of 2018, about six months after they recorded her interview.  Dorilin was always so enthusiastic about, and appreciative of, the library that would be for all the people in the neighborhood surrounding the church.  Thank you to Wayne for his work on this, to Lynn Farmer and Jan Murphy for reviewing and correcting multiple work prints, and for everyone who continues to support the work of the Cuba Partnership Mission Group.

Click here to watch Leer es Crecer (To Read Is to Grow).