Reflection on the Year to Come

The Answer My Friend…

We often think we have the right answer, follow the right path, and know exactly where we’re going. Even when we don’t really know, we convince ourselves that we do. Listen as Pastor Melanie Vaughn-West looks at a conversation between Jesus and a religious leader, one very sure, the other in tune with the spirit.

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Beloved, Do You Dare?

If we cry out of the depths, we must have first journeyed in. What do we need to know before we embark? What do we need to take with us? Listen as Pastor Lauren Colwell takes a look at Jesus’ sojourn in the desert and ponders some questions before we journey into Lent together.

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We walk around every day and make choices about who we see, who we engage, and who we ignore. With each choice, we decide how to construct the world around us, we decide who is in and who is out. Listen as Oakhurst member Billy Hall challenges us to see more and consider what we can create if we choose to do so.

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